To a Healthy, Happy New Year

”In the midst of all the chaos and worries we experienced this year, nature and the outdoors is what we craved most and what helped us preserve our sanity”

There’s no denying this year has been like nothing we have ever experienced, and we’re sure everybody hopes will never have to experience ever again. This experience has however taught us what is really important in life; time with our family and friends, health and freedom.

We yearned the outdoors so much! we took every opportunity to go outside. For most, nature is where we got a breath of fresh air and peace of mind. The importance of nature has never before been so evident.

Hopefully, we will soon go back to normality. However, environmentally speaking, we hope it will be a slightly different normality, one in which nature takes a higher priority, more care and protection from us all. After all, it’s the least we can do as an appreciation for helping us go through the toughest of times.

Caring for nature is in itself an investment in our physical and mental sanity in the day to day life and during extraordinary events like those we are experiencing now. It gives peace of mind knowing that ourselves and our children can rely on nature to help us go through the rough times.

We, Rebels with a Cause, would like to give you a 15% discount to help you go back to this new normal, one in which we prioritize the environment, its flora and fauna. Use our Coupon Code ECOGIFT15 at checkout to use this 15% discount.

And if you wish to help others embark on this journey of sustainability this year, you might want to give them a surprise gift voucher!

So here’s to the New Year, a healthy, prosperous and happy one. Cheers!

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